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We Travelled to Maine for a Breeding!

We decided to be adventurous and travel up the east coast from southern Virginia to Maine last month... to breed one of our female dogs, Tessie!! It was a long drive and it took us about 12 hours each way, but we were able to stay in a lovely campground nearby and travel to the beach during the day! The dogs got along well, too! We can't wait for their puppies in August!!!

We travelled many miles to meet up with Joyce, owner of Annabelle Doodles of New England. She was kind and welcoming to our family when we arrived at the breeding location, which was near her veterinarian in North Berwick, Maine. Joyce was so accommodating, she even gave us chicken from her farm for dinner along with a delicious salad! Wyatt's "mom" Beth Ann was also there which added to the fun. Both Joyce and Beth Ann adore Wyatt and we could easily see why, he was such a good boy!

We were all thankful that the dogs got along so well and were successful! As soon as we opened the door, Wyatt and Tessie were off to the races! They chased one another around for a bit, flirted a lot, and then got down to business.

To add to the adventure, we were able to camp at a lovely campground nearby and travel to the beach. The kids loved playing with other kids at the campground, and we were able to take walks at the beach. The nearby ocean town of Kittery, ME was gorgeous and dog friendly. We especially enjoyed our time at Fort Foster which showcased a lovely lighthouse, picturesque beach, and local military history.

We have been waiting for and opportunity to add Labrador Retriever to our program. It is one of my favorite breeds and we have been looking forward to this for a long time. We are looking forward to their puppies which should have stocky bodies with "lab like" head/ear sets as well as a gentle, obedient, and friendly temperament which the Lab is known for.

We had a great time and are looking forward to seeing the puppies in August! Tessie will have an ultrasound soon to confirm pregnancy and is due near the end of August.

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