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Our Story

Sweet Tea became a reality in early spring of 2020 after our research the previous fall led us to Australian Labradoodles. While talking to a dear friend one crisp autumn day during our homeschool co-op lunch hour, we learned about the breed, their allergy friendly, silky coats, gentle temperaments, as well as intuitive nature and were instantly hooked. Australian Labradoodles were a perfect combination for us as I, Rozlynn, grew up with Poodles, and my husband loved Labrador Retriever's! We were thrilled and decided we HAD to have an Australian Labradoodle!  

Through our same friend we became a guardian home for Patriot's Day Doodles and lovingly accepted Tessie into our lives. It did not take long to recognize that Tessie was a very special dog so we prayerfully considered becoming breeders ourselves. In May 2020 we made it official and opened Sweet Tea Australian Labradoodles, LLC. 

Before our children were born, I was a Registered Nurse for nearly 10 years. With my background in nursing paired with our homeschooling lifestyle, we decided that dog breeding would be a great fit for us. Currently, we live in Virginia Beach, VA on a small 5 acre farm where our puppies are well socialized and consistently handled by our 5 children and their friends. We hope this endeavor will be both fun and a learning experience for our children as they mature into young adults.

Owner of Sweet Tea, Rozlynn and two of her five children
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