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Our Process

Process: Females

Step One

Fill out our online contact form.

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Step Two

After your initial contact form has been reviewed, we will contact you via email to let you know if we are currently accepting reservation deposits. If we have open reservation spots and you would like to continue with applying, we will mail you a detailed puppy application. After you return the application
and we have reviewed it, you will be responsible for a $500 non-refundable deposit which will hold your place for the specific litter you choose.  The remaining balance is due when the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age.

Step 3

 After your puppy is born:

  1. You will receive an email with important information including details about the litter, payment information, and puppy pick-up dates to mark on your calendar.

  2. Puppy picks will be made when your puppy is 6-7 weeks old. Normally, we hold a puppy meet and greet on a Saturday when the puppies are approximately 6 weeks old. At some point after the open house, we will call each family in the order in which their deposit was made to ask which puppy they would  like to bring home. During that call we will help guide you with your decision and answer any questions about the puppies you may have. For those unable to attend the puppy meet and greet, we will provide you with a you tube video link to assist you in your choice. We try to hold puppy selections as close to the meet and greet as possible, however, at times, it may be held on a different day if one of the puppies will be selected as a potential breeding dog. Our veterinarian is an essential guide to helping us choose breeding dogs and she evaluates the litter at approximately seven weeks of age.

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Step 4

We saved the best for last

PICK UP DAY!! When planning to take your Sweet Tea puppy home please keep several items in mind:   

We realize your schedule may not work with ours and we will happily keep your puppy for an extra 1-2 days @ $50/day.

Health and well-being of your puppy: Your Sweet Tea puppy will not have received all their vaccinations and are susceptible to illness. Please be mindful of this. We ask that you do not visit any pet stores before arriving as disease travels on the bottoms of shoes and clothes. When you arrive you will be asked to wash your hands prior to handling your puppy

Go home day will be at the end of their 8th week of life.

Process: Headliner
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