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Our Moms

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning



Ruby lives with her loving family ad this is what they have to say; "Ruby is a beautiful, gentle, and sweet girl who loves everyone, from adults and kids to dogs and cats. She is very intelligent and obedient and enjoys playing and snuggling."

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Luna is a small medium sized girl around 30 pounds. She is bright eyed, happy go lucky, and active. she absolutely loves to  fetch, take walks, and play with her toys. She is loyal, friendly, and confident. Luna has a silky fleece black coat with a dazzling roan pattern.



Pippi is our very own first female to be produced by our program and we can not be more happy with her. She aims to please, loves people and dogs alike! She is easy going and a joy to be around. Pippi lives in a guardian home with her loving family.



Maizy has become the ultimate snuggle bug. She garners our attention by lovingly gazing into our eyes. Our sweet gal also enjoys exercise and walks around our farm. She is adventurous, curious, and very smart. Maizy lives here with us on our mini farmette.

Stella Port_edited.jpg


Stella was born in Oregon! We drove from the east coast ALL. THE. WAY. to the west coast summer of 2021 to pick her up. From day one, Stella fit right into our family and never missed a beat. She loves to please, gaze into our eyes, lay by our sides, and play with us out in the yard.



Tessie's gorgeous deep chocolate coat is soft and silky and a sight to behold. She is calm and collected as well as eternally patient with 5 active kids who love tightly hugging her and playing where she likes to rest. Don't let that fool you though, she loves to be active (chase is her favorite game), take walks, and is also funny.



Our mini girl who is small in stature but has a huge heart! She is a super snuggly sweet girl who loves to chill on the couch, but also enjoys playing fetch and taking walks. Libby was blessed with the warm and gentle temperament that Australian Labradoodles are known for. She reminds us so much of her mommy Rosie! Look for Libby's puppies in 2025.



Selah is a wonderful mix of her mom Stella and dad (Chili from Great Bridge ALD! We are thrilled to have her in our program and look forward to seeing her mature into a lovely dog. She LOVES to play fetch, is athletic, and a love bug. Selah has a therapeutic temperament paired with confidence, agility, and curiosity. Her coat is a soft, wavy fleece and Look for Selah puppies in late 2025!

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