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Labradoodle 101

What is a Labradoodle anyway?



Also known as a Labradoodle, this is the first generation of cross breeding between a purebred Poodle and purebred Labrador Retriever. The results of this paring are mixed as far as coat. Fur is sparse (similar to Lab) vs kinky curly (similar to Poodle).  Moderate to low shedding. F1 means "first generation" and is a common scientific term.



The "B" letter added to F1 refers to "backcross." The breeding pair will be a F1 Labradoodle to a purebred Poodle. The results will still be unpredictable as this is not the breeding of two "like" dogs. Coats may be hair or fleece and shedding is low to non-shedding if both parents are non shedding.


Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle is a paring between two  Australian Labradoodle’s parents, however, one parent is a Foundation Australian Labradoodle (i.e. said parent has an infusion parent of a Labrador Retriever, Poodle or Cocker Spaniel (English or American).  Coats are typically non-shedding.


Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle’s parents are a combination of  one of the following: 1) Both parents are Australian Labradoodles, 2) One parent is an Australian Labradoodle and one parent a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle or, 3) Both parents are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles.  Coats are typically non-shedding. Once an Australian Labradoodle has been bred to another ALD, in four consecutive matings, it will be considered a purebred by the ALAA.


Australian Labradoodle Sizes

  • Mini: 14-16" at wither, max height 17" approximate weight 15-28 lbs.

  • Medium: 17-20" at wither, max height 21" Approximate weight 28-45 lbs

  • Standard: 21-24" at wither, max height 25" approximate weight 45-65 lbs


Australian Labradoodle Colors and Patterns

The Australian Labradoodle has a variety of coat colors and patterns ranging from light cream to black. The ALAA has a fantastic page dedicated to navigating colors and patterns. Click for more information. This link will take you to their FAQ page. Search for "Australian Labradoodles have two types of  coats and ten different colors."