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Choosing a good breeder

What are the fundamental qualities should you be looking for in a reputable Australian Labradoodle Breeder?

Have you talked with the breeder and does the breeder seem knowledgeable?

You can gain a good idea of a breeder's knowledge base by talking to them or visiting their website. Talk to them. Are they able to answer all your questions and are you comfortable with those answers?

You would like to see where the puppies are born and play, but the breeder will not allow you. Why?

This is a two edged sword. You would love to see the welping area to ensure the mother dog and her puppies have been taken good care of and the breeder would like to show you, but the breeder can not allow you to. There is good reason. Puppies are born with weak immune systems and are highly susceptible to infection and contagious diseases. There is a chance that the breeder may have more than one litter of puppies in the "puppy nursery" as we lovingly call it. Therefore, it is always best practice not to allow puppy visitation times until they are older and have been moved out of the welping area to a "play" area. When you are able to visit the puppies, most likely the breeder will ask you to remove your shoes and wash your hands throughly for the puppies' protection as this will help significantly decrease the chance that the puppies will become ill.

Are the puppies sold with pedigree/registration papers?

Australian Labradoodles have pedigree. Pedigree shows the linage and familial history of the dogs they are breeding. You can read more about pedigree here. Ask for papers! It is not true that Australian Labradoodles do not have a pedigree.

What health testing has the breeder conducted on the parents? Ask to see the certificates.

All Australian Labradoodles should be hip and elbow scored, eye tested, and DNA panel tested by PawPrint Genetics or other reputable genetic testing center. You can read more about testing on the ALAA website here.

Does the breeder provide a contract of sale and health guarantee?

A reputable breeder will have available a companion pet sales contract and health guarantee for you to read over. Our contracts are listed on this site here

Have the puppies been regularly wormed/vaccinated and will the breeder provide proof?

Puppies should be wormed several times prior to going home as well as have started the vaccination process. Ask the breeder for a copy of the puppies' health records. 

Has the breeder asked you any questions or sent you a detailed puppy application?

The breeder needs to gain critical information from you which will help place each puppy in the right home as well as ensure you are ready for this full time and forever commitment. Most reputable breeders have a "no shelter" policy to ensure their puppies will never be placed in a shelter. Therefore, it is imperative that the breeder ask you pertainent questions regarding your experience and expectations about the puppy you will be bringing home.

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