Health Testing

A brief tutorial


Thankfully, the Australian Labradoodle is known as a generally healthy breed. This is largely due to the history of how the Australian Labradoodle has been bred. 

To continue to ensure good health and longevity in this breed, Sweet Tea is dedicated to genetic testing as well as eye, hip, and elbow screening.

Genetic testing is completed through PawPrint Genetics and consists of a cheek swab. Several of the tests include:

prcdPRA: (Progressitve rod-cone degeneration progressive  retinal atrophy) results in loss of vision

vWD: (Von Willebrand disease) a blood clotting disorder

EIC: (Exercise-induced collapse) strenuous activity can possibly result in weakness or collapse of dog.

DM: (Degenerative myelopathy) a progressive disease of the spinal cord

In addition to genetic testing, we also test our breeding dogs eyes, hips, and elbows through the OFA.