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Tessie and Wyatt's Pups are here!

I awoke at approximately 2:15 in the morning to Tessie shuffling around. It was obvious she could not get comfortable and needed my attention. Tessie was happy to go outside for a potty break as her bladder had been squished down to the size of a pea. "Ok, back to bed" I mumbled in a sleepy voice. Tessie stood firm and would not leave my side.

"Ah yes, I thought, perhaps it's time." Quietly, I arranged the area where she was to whelp and gathered all my supplies. Thankfully, there wasn't much to gather as I had assembled everything a few days prior. I was ready and waiting. But was she ready!? She lumbered back and forth between going outside for potty breaks and pacing around the room and occasionally laying down in her whelping box. I knew for sure something was up and decided to stay awake and monitor her progress. Dogs can be in the first stage of labor for many hours so I had debated on trying to go back to sleep but instinct and experience told me she was close.

Then around 3:30 in the morning her first and only girl made her arrival. I did not take photos, as the room was lit by my trusty headlamp which is never far from my reach since becoming a full time breeder. It is an invaluable tool! I wanted to provide Tessie with a calm and peaceful setting and the bright overhead light was too much for our early morning eyes, so my headlamp was the next best thing! Tessie then went on to have 7 boys and finished up around 8:30 Friday morning. We are so thrilled to have 8 more Australian Labradoodle puppies!

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