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Testimonials we received prior to Google Reviews

From our first interaction with Sweet Tea Doodles when we filed our application up until receiving our Max, Sweet Tea Doodles has been the most responsive and helpful breeder for us.  Roz was quick to respond to our questions and from our first conversation, I felt like we picked the right place to get our new puppy.  When we picked up Max, Roz and her family were so helpful and friendly and gave us everything we needed to get started with our new puppy Max.  Even after taking Max home, Roz checked on us and Max to see how it was going, which was helpful for us as new puppy parents.  And best of all, Max is really the perfect puppy.  He is so smart and friendly and everyone loves him the first time they see him.  His temperament is perfect for our family when we are just lounging around the house, he lounges with us, when we are outside running around, he is right there running with our little one, and he is even great in the car too.  We have had no problems with Max, he is healthy and we have kept up with the raw food and kibble diet that Sweet Tea Doodles started us on.  Most times when we walk him around the neighborhood, people stop us to ask what type of dog we have.  He is one of the favorites at the doggy daycare and groomer that he goes to.  We are so happy we found Sweet Tea Doodles and Max and would purchase from them again if we choose to get another puppy.   


-Ty Jones Cox


"We couldn’t be happier with our sweet puppy Khaleesi (formerly Peanut Butter from the Spring Cookie Litter) and Sweet Tea Doodles. Rozlynn is a responsible breeder who truly cares about the well being of her pets and their puppies. We adopted a healthy and happy labradoodle with all the positive qualities of the breed. Our puppy is not only cute but friendly, smart and loves kids. The whole adoption process was smooth and enjoyable. Rozlynn would post pictures and videos of the puppies as they grew and it was a true joy to watch them interact with her family who nurtured and cared for them since an early start.”

- Maria

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We absolutely adore our pup from Sweet Tea Doodles. His name is Bowie and at the time I write this, he is 8 months old and about 35 lbs. 

He is extremely easy to train, and is smart, smart, smart! His absolute favorite thing in the world is other dogs, always looking to play and have fun. His next favorite thing in the world is children. The first 9 weeks of his life he spent with Rozlynn and family, which included five children! We were so grateful that he was so loved by the kids, and socialized with youngsters and older kids from a very young age. He tends to be a bit shy with new people (adults only!) but warms up quickly... especially when they give him treats.

We commonly have people tell us how calm and chill Bowie is for a puppy. We love that about him! He is exuberant and full of energy a lot of the time, but is also very chill and calm out in public. He has a great temperament!

When we picked him up from Rozlynn and family, he bonded with us very quickly. Rozlynn also got him started with crate training, so he had no issues sleeping in his crate when we brought him home and still loves it. 

We take him off leash at the beach, and the state park near where we live, and he has impeccable recall! He is very loyal to his pack, and wants to stay close. He also loves to swim and retrieve sticks out of the water. He tends to run hot where we live in North Carolina, so we keep his coat shorter most of the time, which also makes things easier since he is such a water dog!

He will be starting agility training once he's old enough, which we are very excited about because he absolutely loves to leap and bound all over the place! He is very athletic.

We would highly recommend a Sweet Tea Doodle!

-Ande Anderson


Zeke has been such a great addition to our family. He gets A+ reports from his vet & groomer. We decided to use a trainer more for our needs than anything else. His trainer, Juan, praises him on a regular basis & remarks on how quickly he takes to new lessons. 

He has been good in the car rides to vet or just for short errands. He enjoys mad dashes around our backyard & enjoys his two mini poodle friends, Bear & Archie, next door. 

We did get him neutered a month earlier than we initially planned. He managed everything just fine & had a great recovery. He gets great reports from his groomer (Blue Dog on Pleasure House) & has had a couple boarding stays at Care A Lot and received great reports there as well. We hope that we will be ready for short travels w/ him soon.

Also, the puppy binder you put together was very informative. We’ve referred to it on a number of occasions. 

- Ally


We cannot recommend Sweet Tea Australian Labradoodles highly enough! It was such a joy to know our puppy started off her life with great care, love, attention, and socialization pups deserve. Thank you so much for all you do Rozlynn and Sweet Tea Australian Labradoodles !

- Dianne

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I couldn’t be happier with Winston (formerly Macadamia) and working with Rozlynn and Sweet Tea Doodles! As the puppies were growing, I liked following along on instagram and learning more about the puppies through emails from Rozlynn. When I picked up Winston, we were able to bond quickly and he transitioned smoothly to his new home. It was clear the puppies had been socialized with kids, were comfortable with handling and had good temperaments. 

Winston is growing up as a super friendly dog with people, kids and other dogs. He is bundle of energy when he plays and loves to play outside, but he also loves to cuddle. He’s smart and has picked up on training quickly. He’s just as comfortable when he's a city dog and when he gets to play on the beach.

- Danielle

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