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Muppets Litter: Two Week Update

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The past two weeks have flown by for us and the Muppets litter! They are all healthy and gaining weight like crazy. We are beyond thankful that everyone is doing really well and appear to be thriving!

Eyes! Most of the puppies started opening their eyes over the weekend into the new week. The kids get so excited every. single. time. this happens. It never gets old to see a tiny puppy open his eyes for the first time. It really is amazing! Now that their eyes are opened, we will start placing various objects in their whelping box so they can view a variety over the next few weeks. Each day we change out the items so they have something novel to sniff, look at, and explore.

Weight gain. As mentioned above, the puppies are gaining weight daily sometimes in excess of an ounce per 24 hour period. They are really starting to fatten up and pretty soon, their collective weight will be more than that of their mother! The first week we weigh the puppies two to three times a day depending on weight gain and now we are down to every 24 hours. It makes our hearts happy to wake up each morning and see their weight gain because we know they are getting all the nourishment they need.

Moving: The puppies are starting to become more mobile. They can lift their bodies up while they slowly army crawl around the whelping box in search of Rosie or one another. It is fascinating to see how quickly they are able to move from point A to B now!

Sleeping: Overall, their main activity is remains sleeping. Current schedule is eat and sleep...then repeat. Since they spend a majority of their time sleeping and eating, personalities have not yet made themselves known. So far, everyone seems very contented and relaxed. They are gentle and enjoy belly rubs and soft petting from our family.

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