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Rosie and Winston's puppies have arrived!

Rosie came to our home on Thursday, July 28th from her sweet and loving guardian home to get prepared for her upcoming litter. You could say she was "YUUUUGE" (huge) and we were all taking guesses as to how many puppies were stuffed in her petite frame.

She had a relaxing weekend, but was restless through the night on Sunday into Monday so we thought she was getting ready to go into labor, perhaps later Monday afternoon or evening. Thankfully, we were able to get most of the whelping equipment assembled and birthing accouterments in order the previous week, however, we still had a couple of loose ends to tie up!

Rosie did not get the memo though and decided the puppies really needed to find a new home STAT. Therefore, she started delivering her darling puppies at approximately 10:00 am Monday morning, which was a couple days prior to her expected due date.

Everything went smoothy and she birthed 5 puppies in approximately 2.5 hours. We thought she was finished. Everything pointed in that direction.... She took a break...wanted to eat lunch.... use the restroom... and receive some love. Then, about an hour after the 5th puppy was born, one of our children noticed something "odd" next to Rosie, but wasn't sure what it was. Upon examination, Rosie had birthed her 6th and final puppy! A small parti male. We all applauded and told her how awesome she did and pondered where in the world she was hiding that puppy last tiny puppy.

All the puppies are thriving! They are nursing like champs and gaining weight well, which makes our hearts quite thankful. The first few days we weigh the puppies about 3 times per day to ensure they are moving forward on their weight gain as they are quite fragile. Rosie has a look of sheer relief on her face and is happy she can fit more than 1 ounce of food in her stomach and does not need to urinate every 15 minutes anymore! She is a stellar mommy and we enjoy seeing her take such wonderful care of her puppies.

Every puppy is absolutely adorable and we look forward to watching their little personalities grow.

We currently have availability in this litter. Please follow us on social media to see many more photos and videos.

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