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Maine Destinations: Week 2 Ears, Eyes, and Legs

Our nearly all boy litter is already two weeks old (this past Friday the 2nd) and they are really starting to develop!

Staring Friday morning, their little eyes started to open one by one and near the end of the day some of the puppies had their eyes open at least a little. By the end of the day Saturday, however, they all had their eyes wide open, curiously investigating the world around them. This coming week, their hearing should develop as well.

It is amazing to see them grow and mature so quickly. One day they were army crawling around the whelping box and today (Sunday) they are toddling all around on all four paws sniffing for mommy Tessie and playing with one another.

Their main activity remains sleeping as they sleep approximately 90% of the time. Followed by eating and relieving themselves, which mom still helps with quite often.

We currently have availability in this litter, please send us an email or fill out our contact form on our website. Puppies go home October 15th.

Gunny is solid chocolate and has a slightly lighter chocolate coat.

His current weight is 33.6 oz he wears an orange collar

Bangor is our largest puppy, has a red collar and white on his paws. He has a darker chocolate coat and currently weighs 35.0

Portland is solid chocolate, slightly lighter in color and wears a gray collar. He currently weighs 29.4

Bunker is one of our smaller puppies weighing at 26.6 oz. He is a "parti" puppy which is code for the white you see. His actual color is caramel, but since he is parti, he has a lot of white. In this case, he is what we call "extreme parti." He weighs 26.6 oz and wears a black collar.

Baxter wears a blue collar and is caramel with a white blaze on his face and white chest mark. He currently weighs 31.8 oz.

Acadia is our only female and will most likely be retained by us to be a future mom here at Sweet Tea! She wears a purple collar and looks a lot like her brother Baxter. Her current weights is 27.8

Bar Harbor wears a green collar and has a dark chocolate coat with splashes of white on his paws and on his chest as well as a small white goatee. He currently weighs 32.0 oz.

Moosey is our smallest puppy weighing in at 26.0 and has a petite frame. He has a slightly wavy dark chocolate coat ad wears a yellow collar.

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