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How To: Mini Groom on an Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Australian Labradoodles are darling, cuddly, and so very cute....but they will need a coat trim and nail trim about 2-3 weeks after you bring them home if you want to be able to see their soulful eyes and keep them tidy.

In this video, we trim up Beanie who is a ten week old Australian Labradoodle puppy. We go over her eyes, ears, claws, paws, and sani area.

There is a small learning curve, but with practice and patience, you should be able to trim your puppy up. This will help desensitize your puppy to the professional grooming salon he or she will need to go to eventually.

Here is a list of products we used in this tutorial:

Clippers: Hands down, these have been a life-saver for us! They are a work horse as we use them on the paw pads, inner ear flaps, and sani-area. We use them when the puppies have their 4, 6, and 8 week bathing and grooming sessions here at our home.

Scissors: This is a great starter set of scissors both the blunt cut and thinning scissors which help blend areas cut with the blunt tipped scissors.

If you want to invest in a better blunt tipped scissor and thinning set these are what I am currently utilizing:

Nails Clippers: There are a couple of tools we utilize on our dogs and puppies. A nail trimmer and a grinder.

As far as nail trimmer/clipper, I started out with safety guarded nail trimmer and since have switched to a nail trimmer without a safety guard. It is easier for me to use. This one does have a safety guard.

This nail trimmer/clipper does not have a safety guard:

Nail Grinders: Like clippers there are a myriad of grinders. We like to clip a bit of the the tip of the nail first (depending on the length) and then finish with a grinder.

This is a battery operated nail grinder which we liked here but switched to a corded one since we have a few dogs nails to grind. It is great for one dog, but not for multiple.

This is the corded one we really like from Harbor Freight. Sometimes they run sales and it is marked down.

Here at Sweet Tea we do love breeding Australian Labradoodles, but it does not stop there. Educating our puppy families is one of our top priorities. We throughly enjoy when our families empowers themselves and learns something new aoubt their ALD!

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