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Five down and Three to go!

The Muppets litter turned five weeks old on Labor Day. They celebrated by enjoying lots of playtime outside and eating solid food for breakfast and dinner, in addition to mommy Rosie's milk!

The puppies are very mobile at this point. They are even able to navigate low profile stairs. Running, jumping, and pouncing are all gross motor skills they are perfecting at this time. There may be a surprise attack here or there as well!

Personalities are starting to emerge and it is a hoot to see Miss Piggy run around with great zeal, Gonzo following close behind, Scooter gazing up at the sky, Fozzy nibbling on a blade of grass, Kermit sniffing the air, and Janice sliding down the slide.

We are really enjoying getting to know each of the puppies! They have been such a joy to have for the last 5 weeks. All are a balanced combo of sweet, playful, gentle, and interact very well with us, the kids just love lavishing love on them. We can clearly see the benefits of selective breeding for health and temperament in this lovely litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies!




Miss Piggy



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