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Dad is now a certified Therapy Dog and we are five weeks old!

WOW! We are so very proud of our dad, Wyatt who is now a certified therapy dog and part of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs team. Way to go, Dad. Mom is proud of you too.

We have been growing up so quickly and our personalities are starting to emerge. The human who helps mom take care of us feeds us this yummy food three times a day and sometimes, we get to go outside and play in the yard! We have so much fun running, jumping, and attacking one another that we get so sleepy and have to go back into our sleep area in the house.

The people here are really kind and love to snuggle us, especially the smaller ones. We love to give them snuggles and kisses in return!

We have also figured out that keeping our sleep area clean is preferable, so the humans put in what they call a "potty station" and we have been using it a lot. We don't think they like to clean it but they do everyday anyway, along with our bedding. This helps us stay dry and clean, which keeps us healthy and happy!

Here are our 5 week photos. A sweet teenage girl took them of us and we tried our best to stay very still for her but some of us just could't.

Bar Harbor








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