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Berries anyone??

Tessie had 7 "berry" darling puppies on Wednesday April 5th. We decided to go with a berry theme for this litter therefore each puppy is named after a berry.

The day started out as usual, other than Tessie really didn't want to eat her breakfast which is not unusual as the moms approach their due date. She was happy to go outside and frolic a bit with our other mom dogs on site and had an overall happy and relaxed demeanor. Given her lack of appetite, I thought it would benefit me to get all the labor and delivery supplies ready just in case a puppy made an appearance later that day.

At the time our house was quite full with our Starry Skies litter (Stella and Chief) as well as our Favorite Ice Cream litter (Rosie and Winston) as our girls decided it would be great to cycle in rapid succession. We normally have 2-3 litters a YEAR and we now were facing the eminent reality of having 3 at one time!

I set up Tessie's birthing area and gathered the supplies in the early afternoon so everything was ready! Tessie did have a penchant for going out to urinate quite a bit that morning so I thought perhaps she may go into labor, just another sign that things might happen that day. I was even able to get dinner in the oven just before the first puppy, Huckleberry made his debut.

Huckleberry is a beautiful chocolate phantom boy. He has great eye contact and loves to snuggle. His markings are quite lovely and he has a very nice white chest mark to boot!

We waited for about 2 hours and next came Gooseberry. What a pretty caramel parti female she is!

She loves to play and romp around the whelping box and is the most active puppy.

The next five puppies came easily for Tessie all within about two to three hours!

Raspberry is a sweet and gentle little girl who gets along with everyone!

Cranberry is nearly solid chocolate and a rich chocolate she is! She has a very nice headset with well placed ears and is a cuddle bug.

Blueberry looks the most like her mommy with a bit of white on her chest and paws. She is a bit more petite than the other puppies and is gentle and calm.

Boysenberry is a handsome male chocolate parti! He is playful and spunky and will most likely develop more chocolate spotting on the white part of his coat. I am very happy with the markings on all of the parti puppies!

Blackberry and Cranberry are twins! They are both very close to a solid chocolate. Their coats are so shiny and dark. Blackberry is a little sweetie and she loves to observe life as well as play and have fun.

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