Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles

A brief history

The Australian Labradoodle originally hails from Australia and is not to be confused with an Australian Shepard dog. In the 1980's a gentleman named Wally Conran of Royal Guide Dogs was given the challenge to find a guide dog for a couple in Hawaii who needed a non-shedding companion due to allergies in the family. Initially, the new breed was a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle. Mr Conran had success with these dogs and people who needed guide services were happily served. Then, in the 1990's Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, who were the founders of the current purebred Australian Labradoodles we know and love today, began selectively breeding in the English and American Cocker Spaniel to assist with consistent coat type, size, health, and temperament. Today we reap the fruits of those who have gone before us and are able to continue this magnificent breed which is intelligent, provides devoted companionship, silly at times, who grow super soft silky coats, and are of therapeutic temperament. Welcome to Sweet Tea Australian Labradoodles!



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