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Who's the New Girl?

We are thrilled to announce we have a new mom here at Sweet Tea! We are pleased to introduce to you....Luna!

Luna is a small medium sized female who is approximately 18 months old and 30 pounds. She is fun, confident, outgoing, a total snuggle pup and smart as a whip. Luna has a unique and beautiful coat which is silky smooth and the most luxurious black we have ever seen. Her eyes light up when she is with us, what ever we happen to be doing, and she is so happy go lucky. We are really blessed to have her here with us. She came to us from Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles in Arkansas and we could not be more happy!

In addition to Luna's wonderful temperament, her genetic code will impart some of her puppies with the Roan gene. Roan coated puppies look very similar to a "parti" or extreme parti" when born. In other words, more than 50% of their coat is white. Over time, however, their coat will start to fill in with the main color on their body. So if black and white....the puppy will gain more black fur, if chocolate and white, more chocolate, same goes with caramel.

We will be paring Luna with our stunning boy Chief to produce a litter which should have approximately 50% of the puppies chocolate and 50% of them black. Keep in mind there will be white on each one of the puppies, we do not know to what extent yet. And keep in mind some of the puppies will carry and exhibit Luna's Roan gene and others will not.

We expect Luna to go into heat in May or June. Therefore, her puppies will most likely go home sometime in October. Perfect time to bring a new puppy home!

If you are interested in Luna and Chief's upcoming litter, please contact us here.

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