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Our Story

Sweet Tea became a reality in early spring of 2020 when we became a guardian home for Patriot's Day Doodles. We lovingly accepted Patriot's Day Semper Veritas (Tessie) into our lives and prayerfully considered becoming breeders ourselves. In May 2020 we made it official and opened Sweet Tea Australian Labradoodles, LLC. 
Our family relishes hosting people at our home in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. This geographical area, which consists of several cities including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Hampton, has been our home since 2009. We are located on the "Southside" of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel in the city of Virginia Beach

We relocated to Virginia from Ohio as my husband was pursuing a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies. Our first little sweetie had been born earlier that year and it was a big move for all of us! Since then, we have grown from a family of 3 to 7 with ages ranging from 5 to 15 years old! That's 5 children if you lost count. :) With five children and their friends our puppies are quite socialized! 

Before our children were born, I was a Registered Nurse for nearly 10 years. With my background in nursing paired with our homeschooling lifestyle, we decided that dog breeding would be a great fit for us. We hope this endeavor will be both fun and a learning experience for our children as they mature into young adults.

How did we get our name, "Sweet Tea"? When we host our guests it is often that we serve tasty beverages. Among several choices, sweet tea is an all time favorite. Sweet Tea is sononomous with the South and lazy, relaxing afternoons spent fellowshipping with those we love. In the same way, we hope to continue to pass on the relaxed, gentle, and sweet temperaments which Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles are known for.

**These little ones are now 15, 13, and 10! Time flies**

Rozlynn, founder of Sweet Tea and three of her children.
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