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Why the Australian Labradoodle?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Did you find this blog post while covertly searching for a doodle puppy? Your friends think you're crazy for even conducting a Google search. You have been endlessly scrolling through all the doodle mixes and your eyes start to glaze over. You can't believe that there seems to be an endless number of "doodle" mixes out there... and genuinely wonder which one would be the best for you and your family? Should you choose an Australian Labradoodle?

What sets an ALD apart from all the other Doodles? Read this to find out why you will never be embarrassed to tell your friends and family you adopted an Australian Labradoodle puppy.

Litter of 8 newborn ALD pups of various colors
Maizy's newborn litter

Breed History and Pedigree:

Travel back with me to the 1980s, when the Australian Labradoodle was first conceived. The purpose? To create a service-dog suitable breed, blending the intelligence of the Poodle with the gentleness of the Labrador Retriever. This experiment of nature and nurture set the stage for a breed that combined the best of both worlds – the hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle and the friendly nature of the Labrador. Born in Australia, the breed took off after two kennels, namely Rutland Manor and Teagan Park became interested in bringing this new breed to the forefront in Australia. If you purchase an Australian Labradoodle from Sweet Tea, you will receive certification that your puppy is indeed an Australian Labradoodle registered with the ALAA and WALA. Be mindful of other breeders who are unable to give you proof of the puppy's pedigree signed by a registry board. If you would like to read more about authenticity read our blog post "Prove it, Part 1"

Caramel Australian Labradoodle with girl
Sarah and Ruby


When it comes to temperament, the Australian Labradoodle reigns supreme. The breed's history as a service dog plays a significant role in shaping its unrivaled disposition. These dogs exude warmth, empathy, and an innate understanding of human emotions. It's no wonder that Australian Labradoodles often excel in therapy dog roles, offering solace to those in need. Their uncanny ability to adapt their behavior to the needs of their owners is a testament to their remarkable intuition and intelligence. Many of these dogs go on to become certified therapy dogs and achieve the esteemed Canine Good Citizen status. Their gentle demeanor and natural affinity for humans make them ideal candidates for these roles. Whether it's bringing smiles to hospital patients or soothing nerves at a bustling airport, Australian Labradoodles have a knack for spreading joy and calm. We carefully select our mom and dad dogs to ensure your puppy will have an outstanding temperament.

Darling caramel Australian Labradoodle
One of Stella's puppies


As we ponder the merits of different dog breeds, longevity is a crucial factor. The Australian Labradoodle's unique genetic diversity, stemming from its multi-generation heritage, contributes to its longevity. These dogs often enjoy extended lifespans, remaining active and engaged well into their senior years. What's more, their cognitive prowess is remarkable. Australian Labradoodles maintain their mental acuity, enabling them to continue learning and adapting throughout their lives. It is not unheard of an Australian Labradoodle living into their teen years with good health even at the end of their life.

Australian Labradoodle in field
Scout, one of our puppies who lives in DC

In Conclusion:

In the vast realm of doodle mixes, Australian Labradoodles shine brightly for their exceptional temperament, rich history, and extraordinary versatility. They embody the perfect balance of companionship and capability, making them adept family members, therapy partners, and all-around exceptional dogs. Their hypoallergenic coats, marked intelligence, and affinity for humans are not mere happenstances but the result of deliberate breeding and careful selection.

Some things to keep in mind which we emphasize, holistic health, throughly health testing our parents, puppy visitation day where you will be able to interact with the puppies as well as a head start on crate training. If those items are important to you, please contact us today.

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