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Headstart Program

We have one puppy who is a part of our head start program! She is doing phenomenally well and we are loving having her with us!


What does our head start program entail? Day and night time crate training as well as intro to potty training and simple obedience commands! Your puppy will come to you with solid crate training under their belt. Puppies who go through our head start program take their naps in their crates during the day and sleep overnight in them. Their creates are centrally located in our living area so they are accustomed to taking naps among the usual house noise we have going on any given day. In addition, we also continue the potty training they started while younger! Our head start puppies are taken outside to dedicate and urinate frequently throughout the day. Especially when they awake from naps and before bedtime. Simple commands are also a part of our head start program. Sit has been mastered before any food is given or the puppy wants to be picked up. This is a smart group of puppies!


Please contact us if you are interested in one of our head start puppies. We have an easy application process and would love to get to know you. 


Australian Labradoodle puppies are unlike some of the other doodle breeds as the ALD has a long history dating back to the 80's with multiple generations of breeding to fine tune temperament, coat quality, and health.




Neigh-Neigh is an affectionate, sweet, and has beautiful eyes, She enjoys taking a back seat when it comes to play time and enjoys watching the others play while daydreaming about dog bones and snuggles.


Top reasons why others have adopted a Sweet Tea puppy

- Allergy Friendly, silky low shedding coats

_ We start crate training with puppies at 5 weeks

- Socialized with multiple children and adults

-Parents are throughly health tested and held to high standards through the ALAA and WALA registry boards

-Calm, affectionate, and sweet temperaments

- We follow a holistic approach to healthcare for our adults and puppies including a  no chemical policy, limited vaccines, and feed a species appropriate 

- Each puppy has a 2 year health guarantee and has lifetime support from us

Please check out our blog and social media feeds for the most up to date photos and video

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