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Stella's upcoming litter...anyone ready for a Christmas puppy?

Updated: Sep 5

Since Stella has come into heat earlier than anticipated, I wanted to write a quick post to remind everyone just how amazingly darling her last puppies were!

We plan on breeding her with Chili from Great Bridge Labradoodles, who we have a wonderful relationship with. We appreciate the excellence of Dianne and Todd's program and hold their breeding ethics in high regard. They really do have wonderful puppy parents who produce exceptional puppies!

**Edit to add: Stella and Chili have successfully bred! Will conduct ultrasound to confirm pregnancy near the end of September. Puppies should be ready to go home very near Christmas or right after**

Both Stella and Chili have therapeutic temperaments and are also laid back, eager to please, and love all (both humans and dogs) they come into contact with. Chili has earned both his Canine Good Citizen as well as Therapy Dog Certifications and the residents of the retirement home love it when he visits!

We expect their puppies to look very similar to the puppies in the photos below. Puppies will have gorgeous caramel, soft wavy, non shedding coats. This litter should will not produce any parti puppies. They should be medium sized as adults, approximately 35-45 pounds and go home in late December...we will be very close to Christmas if all goes to plan.

If you are looking for well tempered, healthy, authentic (provable) Australian Labradoodle puppy, please contact us as soon as possible.

Upcoming litter announcement card

Examples of what markings/coloring Stella and Chili puppies could have.

Photo collage of 10 caramel Australian Labradoodle puppies
We should have a mix of solid caramel and caramel/white markings

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