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Planned litters for 2024

Updated: Jan 7

What a year we have planned! We are looking forward to our planned litters this year and all the joy Sweet Tea puppies will bring to their future families! If you are looking for an Australian Labradoodle, you are at the right place!

First up we have Pippi and Jack to kick off the new year. We are expecting a lovely all caramel/apricot litter which will be miniature in size at maturity. Mini ALDs are usually between 20-26 pounds and 16' or less at the wither (area just above the shoulder). We do not expect any parti puppies (more than 50% white). Both Pippi and Jack are mini in size themselves Pippi weighs in at 26 pounds and Jack is about 25 pounds. Coats will be mostly relaxed, with loose wavy fleece.

Puppies are expected to go home mid to end of April.

Litter #1 Jack and Pippi

Example of what Jack and Pippi's puppies may look like

Example of what Pippi and Jacks' puppies will look like


Litter #2 Romeo and Maizy

If phantoms are what you are looking for, check out Romeo and Maizy's litter! This will be a fun litter with the chance for chocolate phantoms, black phantoms, and caramel puppies. We do not expect a lot of white on these puppies, but there will be a chance for some. No parti puppies are expected. Puppies will be mini in size at maturity as mom Maizy is 23 pounds and dad Romeo is approximately 20 pounds.

Examples of what Romeo and Maizy's litter may look like


Medium Sized Litters

We will have a little break after our mini litters and then anticipate our medium litters late summer. Ruby, Tessie, and Stella all cycled within a few weeks of one another last time around, so we expect them to do the same this spring. All medium litters should go home around August. Could be end of July, could be the beginning of September. Take a look at our website under future litters for a blurb about each litter here.

Possible colors for Oakley and Stella's litter

Possible colors for Stella and Oakley's litter


Example of what Ruby and Chili's litter will look like

Ruby and Chili will have an all caramel/apricot litter


Examples of what Tessie and Freddie's litter will look like

Tessie and Freddie will have a chocolate litter with various white markings

Please contact us if you have any questions about our upcoming litters! If you are interested, we will ask you to fill out an application to get to know you better and after your application is recieved and approved, you will be asked to submit your deposit. We conduct puppy picks in the oder of deposit received at approximately 6 weeks of age.

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