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Litters we have planned to finish out 2023

Updated: Sep 5

Hard to believe that we are already more than half way through the year. Where has the time gone?

We have three more litters planned for this year; Pippi/Oakley, Maizy/Bobby, and finally Rosie/Thurman.

** Edit to add: Pippi was bred to Oakley and Bobby, we have DNA confirmation that Bobby is the father of the entire litter. We had to resort to an AI (artificial insemination with Oakley, so we backed up the litter with Bobby**

Pippi and Oakley will most likely have their special date sometime the week of June 11th, therefore, puppies should be ready to go home mid October if all goes to plan. This will be Pippi's first litter and we are anticipating a "rainbow" of colors including caramel, chocolate, parti, and possibly a black puppy! Some puppies will have liver noses and some should have black noses. Pippi is a mini who weighs in at about 23 pounds and Oakley is a medium so we are estimating that we will have a mix of medium and mini puppies.

We are expecting Pippi to be a fabulous mommy as she really enjoyed playing with Stella's litter while we dog sat her earlier in the year. She romped, chased, and rolled around with all of Stella's puppies in such a fun and gentle way it was such a treat to see her interacting with the puppies. Oakley has sired a litter for us with Tessie and it has been one of our prettiest litters so far! Oakley is a fun, athletic, and doesn't know a stranger. *Edited to add, Pippi is confirmed pregnant and we are accepting one more reservation on her litter as of 7/18/2023*

Maizy and Bobby did have several successful breedings mid near the end of June and beginning of July. Puppies should be ready to go home at the end of October. Maizy and Bobby should have about a 50/50 chance for chocolate and caramel puppies with various markings/patterns including parti and phantom. Maizy is a mini sized dog and Bobby is a small medium, so we are anticipating a mix of mini and small medium sized puppies weighing in at 23-33 pounds or so.

Maizy is a stocky girl who loves to chase the laser in our backyard in the evenings. She is quite friendly to people who visit our home and loves her belly scratched and laying on the couch with us. Bobby is an old soul and has been one of the easiest puppies we have raised here at Sweet Tea. His gentle amber eyes cut to the heart and he has a very gentle and sweet disposition. Bobby's father is a certified therapy dog and we can see the potential for Bobby there as well.

Finishing up our year will be Rosie's retirement litter. Rosie has moved with her dear guardian family to New York and will be bred to a darling mini male from New York named Thurman Munson. Thurman is a small mini who weighs in at approximately 22 pounds. Therefore, we are anticipating their puppies to all be mini in size and they will also all be apricot in color with black noses and various white markings as well as a parti puppy or two.

Rosie has had three very successful litters for us with rave reviews from our puppy families. We anticipate the same temperament and personality from Rosie and Thurman's puppies coming up. Rosie should go into her next heat cycle late July or early August, therefore, we anticipate her puppies will be ready for their homes sometime in November or early December. We have limited availability on Rosie and Thurman's litter at this time.

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